The Only Way Is Essex

When The Only Way is Essex aka TOWIE first aired in October 2012, ITV2 must’ve known they’d struck gold.

The fake-tanned, bling-obsessed girls and boys of Essex shot to fame within months, after their vulgar attitude and down right nauseating ignorance captivated the British audience.

However over the years, the once laughable reality show which focused on taunting the stars with a stick has become a glitzy platform of wealth and luxury.

The show has successfully developed from a humiliating hour of embarrassing comments and flirting, into a show of fame and fortune.

Rather than laughing at the Essex born-and-bred who barely have 5 GCSE’s between them, suddenly we are enviously admiring sexy pin-ups, gorgeous designers and humongous houses.

Super skinny Lauren Pope has even created a new fashion line ‘Little Mistress’. Lydia Bright, Sam Faiers and Lauren Goodger have also ditched the drinks for boutiques of their own!

So while we’re stuffing our face with chocolate and ice-cream watching their saucy silhouettes and delicious dresses, it’s slowly become tempting to treat ourselves to the sparkles!

On that note, do excuse us as we’re heading to Brentwood to stock up on some glam goodies…

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