Zoo Bar, Leicester Square

Last weekend, Living In London had a few naughty Cosmopolitans at Zoo Bar.

Zoo constantly have employees circling Leicester Square tempting people into their bar. Located next to Kink Bar, LIL were wandering around looking for a cheap bar with an outside garden to soak up the sun.

Zoo boasts a spacious outside space so we thought we’d check out the venue.

Unfortunately, we weren’t impressed. To be quite honest, the name didn’t excite us. Obviously the choice of “Zoo” had its own unsavoury connotations.

It was happy hour, so although the drinks were reasonably priced – 2 for 1 – the bar was pretty grubby inside. Glasses were plastic, drinks were basic and the overall atmosphere came across as pretty dirty. Although marketed as a trendy hangout, it’s really more like a sleazy sports bar. We went with two men who were equally disappointed and we left finding it hard to imagine how it could be a popular and thriving business.

However despite this damning review, weekend nights in the bar aren’t so quiet. Before visiting we had often strolled past the venue and seen masses of people pouring outside and music blaring into the night. So LIL admits that although we might not understand the appeal, the venue seems to be attracting regular customers looking for somewhere to drink on evenings out.

So don’t take our word for it. Check it out yourself!

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