Vote in the 2012 London Mayoral Elections

Calling all Living In London readers!

The day has finally come.

We urge all of you to vote in today’s London mayor and local elections. Voters in England, Scotland and Wales go to the polls while current mayor Boris Johnson and rival Ken Livingstone prepare themselves for the result.

Earlier today, YouGov published two new polls updating citizens on the situation.

Their national voting intention figures are:

Lab: 43%
Con: 33%
Lib Dem: 8%
Ukip: 8%
SNP/Plaid Cymru: 3%
Green: 3%
BNP: 1%
Others: 1%

That’s a 10-point Labour lead.

YouGov’s final London elections poll for the London Evening Standard shows Boris Johnson on 53% and Ken Livingstone on 47% with the other candidates removed.

The YouGov poll found that where Londoners were asked to vote for a party, rather than a person, their views were very different:

Lab: 47
Con: 34
Lib Dem: 7
Others: 12

That means Johnson’s personal popularity and Livingstone’s unpopularity have the effect of outweighing a 13-point Labour lead.

In London, the count for the mayor and the assembly will not start until tomorrow morning.

Counting will take place in three areas across London: Olympia, Alexandra Palace and the Excel centre in the Docklands.

According to the Guardian, the London Elects website is going to produce live bar charts showing who is winning throughout the day.

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